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Quote Terms At Invoice

Please Note:

Melanie Edwards Designs LLC is not employed by or affiliated with Wix, operating completely separate from Wix, offering freelance, front-end web design on the Wix platform.


Melanie Edwards Designs LLC does not own any part of the Wix platform nor has access or influence over the platform's elements, options, or speed/performance. 


In regards to the project, if there are any additions to the work not explicitly stated in the requirements, such as:


  • New pages not previously mentioned

  • Design to pages not listed in the site-build specifications,

  • Add-on of application(s) or elements not listed in requirements,

  • Consultation outside the parameters of the requirements,

  • Changes to the site after two (2) design revisions (Student Builds offer one (1) revision).

  • Discoveries revealed within the build (applies mainly to custom/database applications), or

  • Add-on of custom - development needs to the site


A new per-hour quote of $85  USD per hour will be added for the additional changes.  The original invoice will be revised to include the additional work and payment must be submitted to include the additional site changes/additions.

All work towards the project is done in a timely manner and will meet the time expectation stated during the quote, which is usually within one (1) month's time, or sooner, whichever is specified during the quote/agreement process.

After two (2) months, if a project is not completed due to the lack of response and/or content and feedback related to the site build by the client, thus hindering completion of the project, a restart fee of $185 USD will be applied and invoiced in order to restart the project. 

Note: For all projects that involve Wix Velo. 


All quotes are based on the current understanding of the job provided by the client.  Upon commencement of the project and access to the client's site, a detailed analysis will be performed, of no less than 2 (TWO) hours at $250 USD to determine if additional requirements to the project scope are needed.  If additional requirements are discovered during analysis, Melanie Edwards Designs LLC or the client may opt to cancel the project and refund all monies received minus the cost of the 2-hours of analysis of no less than $85/hour or $170 USD.





Any new discoveries uncovered within a build will halt a project until a re-quoted amount and agreement have been made between Melanie Edwards Designs and the client.

A quote for any additional work outside the agreement can be provided.


Full Terms and Conditions can be found and downloaded HERE.  Payment confirms agreement to all terms stated on this site.

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