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Wix Websites Customized For You and Your Business

Websites are more than a domain, but an online presence that embodies your brand and your message, showcasing it to the world.


Hi, I'm Melanie, and I love creating websites within Wix!


Years in the making of visual design, branding, and an eye for all things fabulous, I found a love for the Wix visual design platform and working with clients around the world.


Maybe it's your first site or it's time for a refresh and you need some help pulling it all together so you can get busy growing your business, or maybe you need a jumpstart...a site foundation designed for you to "take it from here."  Wix makes turnkey sites possible, saving you money in the long run with site maintenance.

I love bringing together a site, specific to branding, message, colors, and ultimately the energy it should speak to each person who visits.  



~ Founder


I was so amazed to find a web designer as competent, fast, and affordable as Melanie! I tried my hand at making a professional-looking website for the first time, and it proved far more difficult than I imagined.


After a week of frustration unable to make the site look cohesive and sleek, I decided to give it over to a designer. Thank god it was Melanie! She was so friendly and took the time to discuss my ideas over the phone. Within hours of me sending over the notes/pictures/etc I wanted on the site, she sent me an AMAZING re-design. Considering my rough draft was so bare, disorganized, and incoherent - it was like Melanie read my mind and knew exactly how I wanted it to look!

Honestly, my jaw was dropped and I was ecstatic! Melanie uses stylish design choices and gets creative with backgrounds, gifs, and font choices. She displayed great technical skill as well as aesthetic choices. I'm so pleased I can't wait to work with her on future ventures! I highly recommend her services to anyone needing fast, beautiful, and affordable web design.


—  Shivani S

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