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5 star professional wix website design


Melanie Edwards | Wix Expert website designer

Melanie Edwards

Melanie's expertise is everything front-end.  A visual designer with a background in branding, business startups, user experience, online programs, sales funnels, and online sales.  She uses her knowledge to build and design websites that not only look stunning but perform both the desired end-results of the site's purpose and positive user experience simultaneously.

Robert Edwards | website developer | program and project manager

Robert  Edwards

With 40+ years in the business, Robert is a seasoned IT professional.  With a successful career as a program/senior project manager, business analyst, data architect, and backend data programmer, he brings his expertise to the backend of websites utilizing Wix Velo, Wix's full-stack development platform, making Wix websites not just functional, but robust.

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