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Therapists & Healers

Therapists and healers tend to be the face of their business & branding.

As a therapist or healer, they usually require the following features on their website. Of course, each person's business is unique and can be customized to fit the way you need your site to work for you.

The Home Page

The home page is where you grab the site visitor's attention.

It also quickly lets them know who you are and what you offer. I like to think of a home page as a landing page. A quick scroll down the page, the visitor gets a high-level summary of the rest of your site. It's easy to read and it has buttons to click through to other pages of the site where they can find more details.

The About Page

About pages are crucial, especially for therapists and healers.

If you niche requires education, licensure, or you've been featured in publications, it can be stated and shown on this page. You also have the option to provide more personal information such as your story or your passion for why you've been led to your field to help others. You have options, and how much you choose to share is up to you and your knowledge of what your client needs to know about you.

Your Service Page

Services are great being listed on the home page, to give visitors a quick look at what you provide and to pique their interest in learning more.

Some providers find just a listing with a brief description to be plenty, with a simple button to click through to an online form and request an appointment. Over the years, I've found that most want to make their website do the heavy lifting for them and lean towards providing online booking directly on their site.

Online booking is something that is possible with Wix Bookings. It handles displaying your service details and allowing for users to click through, select an available calendar date, pay, and book. There are more options available that I don't mention in this post, but combining your services with the ability to book and pay online gives you the ability to focus more on what you do best!

Testimonial Pages Are Powerful

It's never a bad thing to ask past clients for a testimonial.

Testimonial pages help the site visitor to discover more about you, your practice, how you work, and how real people view your work after-the-fact. Plus, each testimonial tells a slightly different story based on the person's personal needs. If someone relates to a testimonial of someone who had a great experience, it will increase the likelihood they will want to book with you to experience the same.

Your Contact Page

It's more than just your email address.

As a therapist or healer, providing contact details, including an online contact form, helps in showing you're accessible to your clients and soon-to-be clients. Plus, it's important for SEO as well! You can provide details such as email, phone (if applicable), and social links. If you have a physical location, providing an address and even a map on the page is helpful to site visitors. Have more than one location? Not a problem! All locations can be listed can featured. You can even set up booking services based on different locations as well, if needed.

Additional Features

Does your business require these additional features?

Some therapists and healers like to add a blog to their site. Blogs are great for SEO, content for readers to see more depth of your work, even the use of videos, or galleries inside blogs are possible, depending on what you'd like to feature.

Do you offer, or want to offer live or virtual events? Adding events to your site allows you to sell tickets to events, whether they are free or paid.

Service bundles or subscriptions. Some service providers would like to provide discounted bundles when clients purchase multiple sessions, or a monthly subscription to receive a certain number of session plus access to events, member-only blog pages or content.

This is just a high-level breakdown of what your site can have based on your requirements. Have other needs or ideas not listed here? Feel free to comment below!

You can view the gallery of past websites* I've built for clients who are therapists/healers, below. Some clients are open to my creation and others know exactly what they'd like to see. Which are your favorites?

* Please note that live sites may or may not reflect my final design after hand-off. The beauty of Wix is that you can manage and update your site easier without always needing to hire out. Options are good!

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