A custom-built fully functional website template for any professional wanting to point people to fill out a form to contact you, book online, blog, and/or promote events.


Available with multiple options.  Click the site name below to browse the entire template.



  1. Agent - One-page style w online form.
  2. Agent w Booking - Option for online booking. Integrates w Zoom
  3. Agent w Blog
  4. Agent w Events - Create and promote events on your site. Integrates w Zoom
  5. Agent w Booking & Blog
  6. Agent w Booking & Events
  7. Agent w Blog & Events
  8. Agent w Blog & Events



Featuring 12-pages in total including Wix Bookings for online bookings and payments.


Your template design includes pages such as:


  • Home
  • About
  • Call to Action, depending on template selection will go to an online form or online booking.
  • Book Online (Services and online booking/payment capabilities)
  • Recent posts (applicable with blog selection).
  • Upcoming Events (applicable with Events selection).
  • Contact form.  General online form for general questions.
  • Mobile friendly


This template has already been pre-designed, ready for you to insert your own images and content.  You may opt to not use online bookings.  If so, you can hide/delete booking elements and pages. Point book button to the contact page, instead.




  • This is a template build only and this template does not include a Wix Premium Plan.  You can view Wix premium hosting plans HERE.


  • This template if for your build and ownership and does not hire Melanie Edwards Designs services to build content into this template unless set up is purchased.  


  • Setup purchase does not include additional pages outside of the designed template and will require a quote for any work required outside of the template design.


Questions?  Visit our FAQ page.


Site Setup
  • After purchase of the template, please allow up to 1-2 hours* for your website template to be delivered to you. 


    Please provide the exact email you use with your account for site template transfer.  

    Once I initiate site transfer to you, Wix will send you an email with a link to initiate ownership transfer. You can read more about how this process works HERE.

    Once the transfer is complete, you will have 100% ownership of the template and can begin building your site to your custom needs.

    If you need assistance in building your site, please contact us.  We can provide a quote for the rest of the build within the template.

    NOTE - *More-than-likely you will receive your template within 1-2 hours, but I am making allowances for time zone differences and where you are located against Eastern Time, Tampa, FL

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