A custom-built fully funcitonal website template for stylists!


You can view & navigate the template HERE.


Featuring 8-pages in total including Wix Bookings for online bookings and payments.


Your template design includes pages such as:


  • Home
  • About
  • Services (hidden pages to use if you will not be using Wix Bookings (online booking).
  • Book Online (Services and online booking/payment capabilities)
  • Policy page
  • Contact/Book form (Provided as both as an anchor or separate page)
  • Subscribe form pop-up (lightbox) both top & right-sided depending on preference.
  • Additional services layout option on a hidden page.  This is merely for your preference.
  • Mobile friendly


This template has already been pre-designed, ready for you to insert your own images and content.  




  • This is a template build only and this template does not include a Wix Premium Plan.  You can view Wix premium hosting plans HERE.


  • This template if for your build and ownership and does not hire Melanie Edwards Designs services to build content into this template.  If you would like to hire Melanie Edwards Designs, please contact usA quote will be provided, minus the cost of the template.


Questions?  Visit our FAQ page.

Stylist Template

  • After purchase of the template, please allow up to 6-12 hours* for your website template to be delivered to you. 


    Please provide the exact email you use with your Wix.com account for site template transfer.  


    Once I initiate site transfer to you, Wix will send you an email with a link to initiate ownership transfer. You can read more on how this process works at HERE.


    Once the transfer is complete, you will have 100% ownership of the template and can begin building your site to your custom needs.


    If you need assistance building your site, please contact us.  We can provide a quote for the rest of the build within the template.


    NOTE - *More-than-likely you will receive your template within 1-2 hours, but I am making allowances for time zone differences and where you are located against Eastern Time, UTC-5.

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