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From pre-designed templates to landing pages, we've got you covered.


*Custom Websites

For custom websites, we must first gather your website requirements, after which we can provide a quote for your custom build. 


Custom builds start at $750 USD.  To start the quoting process, please complete an online site-inquiry form. 

Landing Page Builds

  1. Select and purchase a template that most closely matches your preferred layout.

  2. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to an online form.  Here you can share your site's content info.

  3. After we receive your site details, we can then begin the build of your site.  

  4. We will send you a live link of your newly framed/designed site within 1-2 days.

  5. Once you receive the live link of your site, we enter site revisions, in which you have one (1) revision to be made to the overall design of the site.  We will also handle all edits as well.

  6. User acceptance of the finished site will be followed by site ownership transfer to your Wix account.

  7. Once site ownership transfer is completed, you'll need to upgrade to a Wix Premium plan and domain connections can be made.

Purchase a Pre-Designed Template

Purchase a pre-designed template built by Melanie Edwards Designs by browsing through the template library.

After checkout and payment, please allow 1-2* hours to receive your template. *This is dependent on your time zone as all template transfers take place during the day Eastern Time ET (Tampa, FL).

Once ownership transfer of the site template has been received, you now fully own the template and can start adding your images, and content for the site.

*You may add set-up services with your template for an additional cost.  If your site needs expand beyond what the template offers, please contact us for a quote.



I was so amazed to find a web designer as competent, fast, and affordable as Melanie! I tried my hand at making a professional-looking website for the first time, and it proved far more difficult than I imagined.


After a week of frustration unable to make the site look cohesive and sleek, I decided to give it over to a designer. Thank god it was Melanie! She was so friendly and took the time to discuss my ideas over the phone. Within hours of me sending over the notes/pictures/etc I wanted on the site, she sent me an AMAZING re-design. Considering my rough draft was so bare, disorganized, and incoherent - it was like Melanie read my mind and knew exactly how I wanted it to look!

Honestly, my jaw was dropped and I was ecstatic! Melanie uses stylish design choices and gets creative with backgrounds, gifs, and font choices. She displayed great technical skill as well as aesthetic choices. I'm so pleased I can't wait to work with her on future ventures! I highly recommend her services to anyone needing fast, beautiful, and affordable web design.


—  Shivani S

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